Friday, August 4, 2017

Back from Tucson

I got back from Tucson, AZ about 11:30 tonight.  I flew out there early Wednesday morning. to attend my youngest son's graduation from the law enforcement academy.  He is now a Deputy Sheriff in Yuma, AZ.  Had a good time visiting with him and his wife and some of her family.  We had a busy schedule, but I managed to get in runs all three days there.  There was a park with a running trail about 2 blocks from the hotel. There were scattered showers in Tucson, so the temperature and humidity was about the same as Huntsville.  My flight was Tucson to Dallas today was interesting.  Not only crying babies, but two dogs barking at each other.  Back in 1961, I was on a Trans Texas flight (DC-3) from Tyler to Dallas and there was a crate of roosters behind the last seat.  I never thought I would see dogs on planes.  Roosters I can understand.

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