Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Flash Mob 5K and new running shoes

For the 3rd consecutive Wednesday, I went down to Cypress this evening to run the Flash Mob 5K,  My wife and Cindy Pate went down with me and my niece, Amie, who lives in Houston, met us there.  Since it was the last race of the series, they had hot dogs, beer and the fixings after the race.  Plus, nice door prizes.  The course this week was on the roads.  Flat and all concrete.  We drove through a rainstorm on the way to the race.  While there was no rain during the race, the temperature was down into the 80's.  My finish time was 37:50, which is what my normal was before the hip injury.  Earlier today, I had a doctor's appointment in Conroe.  So, as long as I was down south, I went to Fleet Feet in The Woodlands and bought a pair of Brooks Dyad running shoes.  While in the store, we weighed my Asics and the Brooks.  The Brooks are nearly 2 ozs. lighter than the Asics.  I'll walk in the Brooks for a few days and then start running in them.

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