Sunday, July 12, 2015

Magnolia Hill 11.5K Trail Run

It was hot and humid this morning for the XTerra Magnolia Hills 11.5K Trail Run near Navasota.  I had never run this race before or ran at the location.  Most of the trails were very narrow, ups and downs and twists and lots of muddy spots.  I took one light fall, but managed to grab a tree and cushion the fall.  I walked through the muddy areas to avoid slipping and falling.  I finished in a slow 2:13:27.  However, it was a PR, since I never ran a 11.5K race before.  I was the only runner in the 70 and over age group, so I was first.  I also won a door prize, a free entry into a future XTerra race.  This was my 43rd race in 2015, my 805th lifetime race and my 2093rd consecutive day of running.

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