Monday, June 22, 2015

Got it out

I have not mentioned it in my blog, but last Thursday night, I took out my contacts for the night.  My right eye kept waking me up during the night.  When I went to put them in Friday morning, I found that only half of the right eye contact was there.  The other half was obviously still in my eye.  I tried to find it all weekend and periodically felt it in my eye.  It kept waking me up during the night.  I went to the eye clinic this morning.  It took some searching by two ladies, but they finally found it and removed it from the corner of my eye.  That was a relief.
After Iron Works this evening, I ran 2.3 miles around the campus.  A good friend, Haleigh, stopped and we visited for a while during my run.  Great news.  She moved back to Huntsville and will be the track coach at Huntsville HS.

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