Monday, August 4, 2014


This afternoon, my son got the 15 staples taken out of his elbow that were put in after surgery about 10 days ago.  He had all his stuff in a large U-Haul truck parked in my driveway for a couple of days until his got the final approval to move to his new place.  He finally got the keys to his new place about 4:30 this afternoon and I had to help him unload the whole truck.  His friends that loaded the truck for him were all at work or out of town.  So, I did all the heavy lifting and carrying.  He had to return the truck by 6 p.m., so we had to work fast.  I got home and collapsed for a while before going on a 2-mile road run.  It felt like a half marathon.  I never made it to Iron Works today; I suppose that I got my lifting in.

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