Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hectic day

My wife went down to Houston to spend the day helping my son, who has been recovering from a serious infection in his elbow and arm.  I went down to Conroe early this afternoon for an appointment.  While there, I received a call from the fiancee of my son in Huntsville that he was admitted to the hospital with an serious elbow and arm infection.  What's the deal?  Two sons with an elbow and arm infection.  They have not even seen each other in a couple months.  I got back to Huntsville and went to the hospital.  They never got around to starting anti-biotics with an IV until 5 p.m. this evening.  I left the hospital about 5:15 and met the group at the church to run.  I cut my run to 2.7 miles, part of it in the rain.  I picked up a pizza on the way home, showered, ate and then went back to the hospital until visiting hours were over.  Hopefully, he will be better tomorrow.

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