Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Woodlands Half Marathon

Since re-pulling my hamstring on February 15, I have been in a recovery mode. I have continued to keep my streak alive by running at least a mile a day, but have not run over 3 miles on any one day. I completed three treatments at the chiropractor's office and will continue with the treatment for a few more weeks. I was registered for The Woodlands Marathon this morning. I decided to attempt it. It was a two-loop course with a 6:30:00 time limit. They told me that if I did not meet the cutoff for starting the second loop, they would give me an official Half Marathon finish. I ran the entire 13.1-mile first loop, but finished in 3:30:42. The last 5 miles was very painful and I felt that my leg was going to give way. I was right at the time cutoff, but there was no way that I could have finished another loop. I stayed around for a while and visited with a lot of friends. It was a well-organized and supported marathon and I expect to be fully recovered next year and run the full marathon with a respectable time.

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