Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Streak is Over

I went in for an MRI on my knee this morning and just got a call from my doctor. He said that I have an 80% tear in my quadricep and advised against any running until it is repaired. Any running right now may cause the other 20% to tear and a complete tear would be much more difficult to fix. So, my streak is over at 2,483 days (6 years, 9 months and 17 days). I'll accept it, get it fixed and try to get back to running as soon as I can. I have to call an Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow and make an appointment. This is my last blog entry. Thanks for reading my entries.


BearKaTrack said...

You know what your problem is? You went to the doctor. I avoid doctors like the plague. They don't know anything.

Just joking. That's unfortunate. I hope it heals quickly and you can get back to streaking. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

You've GOT to keep blogging Ken. It will be good therapy for you while you recover. Plus...everyone will want to know how you're coming along.

I can hear the disappointment in your writing. I"m sorry.

Vince A. said...

Yes I agree, the streak may end but the blog must continue. I thought about you during my entire run today. You are the very best.

Fitizen said...

Ken, so sorry to hear about your knee. I've been following you every day via your blog and enjoy your daily updates. See you at the HVille Half tomorrow.

Get it fixed and started on the next streak (I expect you to keep it up longer this time ... just kidding, but keep on blogging).