Saturday, August 15, 2009

Club Picnic

We had our Seven Hills Running Club picnic this afternoon at the Elkins Lake Picnic area. Over 30 members attended. We had a great time visiting and playing volleyball. Thanks to my wife, Marilynn, and Lavonne and others for putting it together. And, thanks to my son, Ben, for doing the cooking.
I ran my 2.9 mile loop around town at noon today. Yesterday's rest helped the knees.


BearKaTrack said...

How do you handle running so often in the heat of the day? I run either before 8am or after 8pm and it feels too hot. I can't fathom running at noon!

Streaker said...

I much prefer to run in the evenings, but I can handle 3 miles at noon. It seems as though this summer has been longer and hotter than most. Running everyday forces the body to adjust and the mind follows. Or, is it the other way around?