Saturday, October 17, 2020

Pumpkinpalooza 10K

 I ran the Pumpkinpalooza 10K trail run at Millican Reserve (between Navasota and College Station) this morning.  Perfect running weather with the temp in the 60's.  The course was mostly new and very technical.  So many roots and rocks and at least 25 embankments to climb down and up.  I was lucky to only take one fall.  My GPS said the course was 6.75 miles (a 10K is suppose to be 6.2).  Since GPS normally measures a trail course short, I expect the actual distance was closer to 7 miles.  My finish time was 2:09.52.  I ran a 10K trail run there last March and my time was 1:52:19.  In any case, I was first in the 75 and over age group and got to see some old running friends, including Lloyd Joyce, 86, of College Station, who ran the 5K.

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