Thursday, April 17, 2014

Running Milestones

As a runner, and especially as a streaker, I tend to keep track of milestones.  There are so many to track.  Such as, years since I started racing, number of marathons completed, number of races run, consecutive days of running, number of consecutive times completing certain races.  To me, it's all part of staying motivated to run and stay healthy.  The primary reason I blog is self motivation.  I probably have the most boring blog in existence, and I know from the counter, that only a few people read it.  However, I feel that it keeps me accountable.  I hate to run and many times I run farther than the 1-mile required to maintain my running streak, just because I have to account for my daily run.  In a week, I will reach a new milestone.  I make my 2,000th blog entry since starting my blog in April 2008.  Gosh, another milestone, 6 years of blogging.
Today, I worked out and ran 2.4 miles on the trails at the park.

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